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Your Tool: Genially

Genially is essentially a NoCode design tool, and its specialty is interactivity and animation. Genially is often used by businesses or marketers looking to publicize their work by creating interactive images, pitches, infographics, website sliders, etc.

Your Tools: Unit21

Enterprises need to have robust cybersecurity infrastructure which includes staff training programs as well as continuously monitoring risks with tools that detect malware and suspicious activity - but how can you know if your company has been hacked without outside help?

AI Writing Tools

Do you need more content for your blogs?

NoCode DFW Event - June 29, 2020

An event from nocodedfw, a group that focuses NoCode tools, tutorials, and making the most of the NoCode evolution.

NoCode June 2020 RoundUp

All the news trends and highlights from June 2020 within the NoCode and LowCode space.

NoCode and Lawyers

NoCode tools help Lawyers make client interaction smoother by reducing the back and forth and making the document handling more automated

The Best Landing Pages using NoCode

NoCode Landing pages is most peoples first foray into NoCode as for any startup or product launch or service launch everyone has to create a Landing Page

Women in the NoCode Space

In celebration of Women’s month, let’s showcase some of the Women Founders and Makers who are a part of the NoCode space.

Your Tools: EasySend

EasySend is one such NoCode platform enabling the insurance industry to accelerate and scale the development of highly customized, complex, responsive, secure, and compliant digital workflows, making customer data collection simple and enjoyable. 

Contournement - Webinar - April 02 2020

Contournement provides training sessions, boot camps, and consultancy to learn how to build websites and mobile apps using NoCode tools.

Your Tools: Pastryy

Pastryy, provides quality feedback for Designers, Entrepreneurs, Developers or anyone looking to get feedback on their website or mobile app designs.

Manila Community Meetup 7 - March 28, 2020

How to Run a Remote Design Sprint Without Going Crazy, Manila Community Meetup 7 was hosted by John Paul Dionisio.

Your Tools - Murkstom

Murkstom is an early-stage startup which lets you convert your website into a 100% native mobile app for both iOS/Android

A Virtual Meetup: How teams build with Webflow

NoCode San Francisco came up with a virtual meetup last March 13, 2020.

Nucode San Francisco Meetup - March 18, 2020

The first Nucode Virtual Meetup happened last March 18, 2020 hosted by Parris Khachi.