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Which AI Website Builder to Use In 2023? Here's Our Top 13 Picks

It's clear that when it comes to website builders, AI-based builders are the way of the future. As AI capabilities and features continue to improve, they'll become more and more powerful tools in helping individuals and businesses create professional websites with minimal effort. When 2023 rolls around, these 13 AI website builder options may be just a few of the many exceptional picks that help us manage our online presence with ease.

Misconceptions About No-Code Mobile App Testing

In this article, I'd like to discuss six misconceptions I've encountered at the forefront of the No-Code Revolution. While these misconceptions may be specific to my background‚ÄĒno-code mobile app testing‚ÄĒspecialists in other industries may find these sound familiar with what they're experiencing.

Educational Resources in NoCode

Best educational resource in learning how to build a website or an app using NoCode.

NoCode Tool: Sofy

Sofy is a NoCode Test Automation for Mobile Apps!

NoCode Tool: Utilize.App helps businesses create apps for their deskless teams, on top of data sources like spreadsheets.

Women in the NoCode Space - Part 2

NoCode is a diverse community of coders and technologists from all over the world. In this post, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing women in the NoCode community who are pursuing careers as programmers, developers, designers and more. Meet these inspiring women from around the globe!

NoCode Projects You Didn't Know You Could Make

NoCode platforms are designed to help you build your project in the fastest, easiest way possible, so you can concentrate on what matters most - your idea and your business logic.

NoCode Tool: Genbu

Genbu is an all-in-one platform that automates your ML for a few clicks. Say goodbye to costly data centralization and lengthy AI production, because with Genbu smart algorithms are at hand. You can launch apps without ML code. The solution automates the entire ML lifecycle in just few clicks and does not require any coding knowledge from their end users which saves time and money on training costs as well.

NoCode Tool: Zyllio

Zyllio is a new cloud solution for freelancers to create real mobile apps without coding. Use basic components like Images, Videos, Buttons, Texts. Include your social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Test your mobile apps using a high-fidelity simulator and share interactive simulations with your customers.

NoCode Tool: Fulcrum

Fulcrum is the leading cloud-based mobile forms software and data collection app that enables organizations to build custom forms easily.

NoCode Tool: Logiak

Logiak is a environment which uniquely combines intuitive app configuration withpowerful decision logic and deployment management.

Five NoCode Web Stories Creation Tools

A Web Story is a visual storytelling format in Google Search results that immerses the user in the tap-through full-screen experience. Read the article to learn the five NoCode Web Stories creation tool.

NoCode Tool: AppGyver

AppGyver, is the world's first professional no-code platform that enables you to build apps not just for your desktop screens but for all form factors, including mobile, browser, television, and others.

NoCode Tool: Faraday

Faraday is a NoCode tool to build interactive mobile flows for your customer journey touchpoints including building Interactive mobile pages for e‚ÄĎcommerce

NoCode Tool: Shoutem

The NoCode platform Shoutem is an app builder based on React Native, which allows users to create truly native and cross-platform mobile apps. 

NoCode Tools: Notion VS Coda

These companies have taken a next-generation modular approach to spreadsheet documents. Let's take a look at them both so you can make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs.

NoCode Tool: Amazon Honeycode

New released Amazon Honeycode allows consumers in a company to build on its own web or mobile applications without code.

NoCode DFW Event - June 29, 2020

An event from nocodedfw, a group that focuses NoCode tools, tutorials, and making the most of the NoCode evolution.

NoCode and Lawyers

NoCode tools help Lawyers make client interaction smoother by reducing the back and forth and making the document handling more automated

NoCode Tool: Adalo

Adalo is a platform that makes creating apps as easy as putting together a slide deck and be the goto platform for innovation

Women in the NoCode Space

In celebration of Women’s month, let’s showcase some of the Women Founders and Makers who are a part of the NoCode space.

NoCode Tool: EasySend

EasySend is one such NoCode platform enabling the insurance industry to accelerate and scale the development of highly customized, complex, responsive, secure, and compliant digital workflows, making customer data collection simple and enjoyable. 

NoCode Tool: Pastryy

Pastryy, provides quality feedback for Designers, Entrepreneurs, Developers or anyone looking to get feedback on their website or mobile app designs.

NoCode Tool: Sizze

Sizze is a NoCode platform that helps simplify and streamline the development process for non-coders and teams of any size and skill level.