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Your Tool: InHouzCloud

InHouzCloud is a 2-in-1 NoCode cloud platform that allows users to get started with the cloud in minutes, built with them in mind. With its one-step setup process and intuitive UI/UX, templates, and more, you can quickly deploy your infrastructure and start saving time, money, and effort.

Your Tool: Blaze

Your team is already creating tools and apps, but the amount you have to spend on developers and freelancers is ridiculous. Your internal tool could help people in your company who struggle to build things for themselves. Imagine if you could empower your entire team to build their own tools, without writing a single line of code? Well, that's what Blaze can do purely through drag-and-drop interface design.

Your Tool: Triggre

Give your business a competitive edge with the many things that Triggre offers - customized databases, procedures, user interfaces, reporting, documents, and more. Everything you need to create powerful, enterprise-grade applications, in a single software platform. The days of software development as an art form are over. Now it’s all about efficiency, speed, productivity, and cost savings. With Triggre’s cloud-based technology tools at your disposal, you can spend less time on software development tasks like writing code or manually creating reports or updating spreadsheets. You can put those hours back into growing your business!

Your Tool: Procesio

There is a huge range of iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service) tools on the market, but Procesio is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most user-friendly and efficient options. Procesio is perfect for businesses who want to automate complex workflows without having to write any code. The drag and drop interface makes it easy for anyone with an idea to create integrations, and the tool can handle even the most complex workflows. commands, then deploy it online in a matter of minutes, thus saving time, money and workload for the team.

Your Tool: GroundControl

GroundControl is a business communication channel builder that helps you connect with your audiences. It eases the inter and intra-communication systems within an organization, agency, event organizers, or anyone who needs to give a seamless experience to everyone who connects with their business

Women in the NoCode Space - Part 2

NoCode is a diverse community of coders and technologists from all over the world. In this post, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing women in the NoCode community who are pursuing careers as programmers, developers, designers and more. Meet these inspiring women from around the globe!

9 NoCode Projects You Didn't Know You Could Make

NoCode platforms are designed to help you build your project in the fastest, easiest way possible, so you can concentrate on what matters most - your idea and your business logic.

Your Tool: Logiak

Logiak is a environment which uniquely combines intuitive app configuration withpowerful decision logic and deployment management.

Educational Resources in NoCode

Best educational resource in learning how to build a website or an app using NoCode.

Your Tool: Processica

Processica Apps micro automation suite is a fully visual, 100% no-code approach for customers that need fast implementation of their process automation.

Your Tool: TallyForm

Tally is a new type of form building tool with an intuitive interface without the expensive paywalls. The simplest way to create forms for all purposes in seconds without knowing how to code, and for free

Your Tool: Stackby

Stackby gives you building blocks - spreadsheets, databases and APIs in an all-in-one flexible platform to plan, manage and automate your work.

Your Tool: Metaranx

The new NoCode AI builder.

Your Tools: Notion VS Coda

These companies have taken a next-generation modular approach to spreadsheet documents. Let's take a look at them both so you can make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs.

Your Tool: Amazon Honeycode

New released Amazon Honeycode allows consumers in a company to build on its own web or mobile applications without code.

Process Automation NoCode Tools

Process automation is the use of technology to automate business processes

NoCode and Lawyers

NoCode tools help Lawyers make client interaction smoother by reducing the back and forth and making the document handling more automated

Your Tool: Jexoy

Jexoy is NoCode enterprise-grade virtual business solution disrupting the custom application building industry

Enterprise LowCode Application Platforms

LowCode Application Platforms help enterprises create technology products and bring it faster to market than regular code based IT Development teams

Your Tool: Unstack

A NoCode Unified Marketing Platform which enables brands and companies to focus on aspects of their marketing, which drive real and measurable growth

Women in the NoCode Space

In celebration of Women’s month, let’s showcase some of the Women Founders and Makers who are a part of the NoCode space.

Contournement - Webinar - April 02 2020

Contournement provides training sessions, boot camps, and consultancy to learn how to build websites and mobile apps using NoCode tools.