ithin NoCode Journal, we have written a lot about platforms and tools which allow anyone without Technical knowledge to create a technology product or website. All these tools always focus on two things the ability for non-technical clients to use the platform and the speed of creation. Today we bring the story of another such platform, which has its tagline as "Create a Website in 5 minutes". What can be easier than that appealing to the target audience?

Softr (https://www.softr.io/) is a NoCode company based in Berlin, founded by a team of experienced software engineerings in the startup world. Their mission is to help define the next era of software building and enable citizen developers to go beyond just being consumers and creating technology themselves. They want to help companies stop reinventing the wheel, reduce tons of wasted developer hours, and spend engineers' precious time on what is most important for the company. Mariam Hakobyan (@mariam_hakobyan) and Arthur Mkrtchyan (@mkrtchyanartur) founded Softr.

Softr.io is a NoCode website builder tool that you must try. As their slogan states: 'From zero to a website in 5minutes using building blocks', this tool lets you create a website quickly and efficiently. You don't have to become a designer or learn coding to create a website.

Product & Features

Softr allows you to create both Websites and WebApps. One of the primary value propositions of Softr is that it is insanely easy to use with no learning curve at all. If you have played with any lego based builder before, then Softr will be very simple to get started.

📱 Responsive by design 

📔 Multiple Pages 

🧩 50+ Building Blocks and more coming soon 

🚀 8+ Templates (SaaS, Mobile, Landing, Portfolio, and more) 

🏞️ Free Stock Photos (Pexels) 

💠 Free Icons Collection (Fontawesome) 

🅿️ Free Fonts Collection (Google Fonts) 

⛓️ Integrations (Zapier, Integromat, GoogleAnalytics, Mailchimp, Hotjar, Crisp, and more) 

✉️ Email Capture (Collect your subscribers' emails) 

📝 Custom Forms (send data to any service, e.g., Airtable through Zapier, Integromat) 

👩🏻‍💻 Custom Code (HTML/CSS/JS) 

💳 Stripe Payments (Accept payments on your website)

Anyone can create their website in under five minutes. Stack blocks on top of each other, adjust the content and publish. The website you build is responsive by default, so no optimization is needed for tablets and mobile; all are taken care of by the platform. Performance and SEO handling happen along with world-class speed and reliability, scalability, and high availability out of the box. Never worry about your site going down. You can start by building your website under the Free Plan. You can upgrade to a paid plan and add a custom domain when you're ready for the world to see what you have built.

Softr offers several website templates you can choose from depending on what kind of concept you have in mind. Portfolio, NoCode resources, upcoming product teaser, job hunting, and performance analysis platform are some of the templates Softr already has. If you don't have good high-quality images for your website, Softr has free stock photos from its integration with Pexel (https://www.pexels.com/) that you could use to improve your website further. 

Aside from those templates and stock images, you can also create multiple pages for the website, free icons collection from Fontawesome (https://fontawesome.com/), and free fonts collection from Google Fonts (https://fonts.google.com/). After choosing a template, you can start building your website pages with more than 50 building blocks. Softr has pre-built integration with tools, such as Crisp, Drift Chat, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, HubSpot Chat, Intercom, Iubenda Cookie Solution, Hotjar, and Stripe Checkout. You can check your website's preview for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone while you are working on it.


Softr comes up with three pricing plans that you can choose from. These are the Free plan, the Maker plan, and the Startup plan.

The Free plan offers Unlimited Websites, 1 User, Sub-domain, Softr.io Branding, Custom Form, All Templates, and Airtable Integration (up to 20 rows, two filters); it's free to use.

The Maker plan costs $12 (if paid yearly) or $15 (if paid monthly) per month. It enables you to have Unlimited Websites, 1 User, 1 Custom Domain, Custom Form, Stripe Checkout, All Templates, Airtable Integration (up to 20 rows, two filters), and Live Chat Support.

Lastly, the Startup Plan is ideal for you who want to build the startup MVPs. The price is $25(if paid yearly) and $29 (if paid monthly) per month. This package's users can avail of Unlimited Websites, 3 Users, 3 Custom Domains, Custom Form, Custom Code, Stripe Checkout, All Templates, Airtable Integration (up to 20 rows, 2filters), and Priority Support.

In Conclusion

Softr was featured on Product Hunt in August 2020 and became the number 1 Product of the day. We wish the team at Softr continued success and look forward to the updates to the platform. We hope readers of NoCode Journal try Softr and get back to us on how the experience was.

Oct 19, 2020

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