urkstom is an early-stage NoCode startup that lets you convert your website (even from WordPress) into a 100% native mobile app for both iOS/Android. This tool use modules and blocks to let users create custom apps and currently have Google Sheets, WooCommerce and WordPress blog integrations 

Murkstom's mission is to be the best cross-platform development solution for SMEs and potentially large companies, build a relationship with you that is long-lasting, mutually beneficial and optimized to reduce time to market

The intent is to have a responsive URL on a WebView. Still, you're not limited to that, and you could also add a drawer menu to navigate the app quickly, AdMob banner to render ads and monetize your app as well as WordPress blog posts to keep users coming back. A "WebView" is a mobile-friendly website bundled inside of a mobile application producing what is called a hybrid app. Hybrid apps run inside what is called a native container and use the device's browser engine (but not the browser) to display the HTML and process the JavaScript locally.

There's also a feature called WebSheet that lets you convert a CSV spreadsheet to a mini web app (with a search bar). It can turn spreadsheets into beautiful and user-friendly apps, get instant updates every time you modify your CSV.

 It delivers Android Application Package (APK) and iOS App Store Package (IPA) files as the finalized output. Still, they do support Progressive Web Application(PWA) on a WebView container using React Native, a robust cross-platform framework.

 How does Murkstom work

  • Enter the link of a static website, web app, or eCommerce store. You will also need to provide other creatives and content like the logo, favicon, and description.
  • In less than a day they will create your app and deliver it to your inbox.¬†
  • Upload your app to the Apple Store / Google Play and enjoy your new, genuinely native mobile app.

 How much does Murkstom cost?

You can go up or down on your subscription based on your needs. It does have a free trial. There are no initial setup fees on any of the various subscription plans, and includes one native in the subscription pricing. Use the link https://murkstom.kampsite.co/ for any new or additional feature request.

  • ¬†$10/ month for Starter - iOS & Android, User management (Email), 10 custom screens, WordPress blog (10 posts), WooCommerce store (10 products), Google Sheets (50 rows), ¬†AdMob Banner, 'Built with Murkstom!' branding, Drawer Menu, Email support
  • $20/ month for Pro - Difference is it has 20 custom screens, WordPress blog (10 posts), WooCommerce store (50 products), Google Sheets (100 rows) and No ¬†branding¬†
  • $40/ month Enterprise - Difference is it has unlimited custom screens, WordPress blog, WooCommerce store, and Google Sheets, AdMob Banner/Interstitial. Drawer Menu/Tab Bar and Priority support.

In case you require the source code, Murkstom will share the source code for a fee of $980. This delivery of source code will include WebView, WordPress, Google Sheets, AdMob implementation, and the drawer menu. 

Mar 27, 2020

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