he 21st century has brought many incredible new technologies that once we dream of, and this includes Artificial Intelligence and sometimes called machine intelligence or just AI. People would always be intimidated by AI and ML because they think it needs to code. In the NoCode space, only a few companies are there that showcase the tools AI and ML. One of which is this new NoCode platform for Artificial Intelligence, Metaranx. It is a drag-and-drop software platform that allows you to build your very own AI tools, applications, and creations without having to code. Let us know further this NoCode tool and why AI is helpful for businesses. 

Founder’s Story

NoCode Journal was able to interview Samantha Lloyd, the co-founder, and CEO of Metaranx. Sam, together with her partner Lisen Kaci, is the CTO who decided to build and incorporate it last November 2019. The original idea was to automate a platform for her job since Sam has a background for content marketing and SEO, they were trying to build an AI tool for handling SEO, content generation, keyword search, and other marketing tools. In March, it turned to an AI builder for any users to build AI tools. Sam and Lisen started this NoCode solution for anyone to improve accessibility in artificial intelligence, decrease bias in AI applications, and fill the millions of jobs AI will create. It allows any users to build AI applications and come with their own set of challenges. 

AI tools and businesses

Sam personally shared that writing content has so much work, and they thought that these are the gap between small businesses. Small businesses don’t have the time to update the content of the website, write content, etc. The purpose of this platform is to be done by AI. She is excited for this to be a chance to expose this tool and be able to build tools. That is why many custom tools happen because Artificial intelligence supports humans by helping reduce manual work and enhancing productivity. Another benefit of AI is to support small businesses by giving them an edge over competitors. It also helps in tracking every activity of the competitors to strategize steps related to marketing.

The two use-cases of Metaranx are language for people who want to take data or do social media content while the other one is for small businesses who have the data but don’t know how to do it or how to apply it. Also, for people who are curious about what AI is, they can explore through this tool. These two cases will help these businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers to successfully use this NoCode platform. 


Another feature that the Metaranx showcase is a marketplace. It is a hub wherein everybody can create and share your creations open source. You can also buy other users' datasets, or sell your own AI API. Whether you're looking for a template, component, or datasets for an AI application you want to build, all of these you can find on the marketplace. Sam had an interview with Max Haining of 100DaysofNoCode on July 8th 2020, Ask Me Anything (AMA) series where he brings in experts to talk about their NoCode products or creations. She discussed and gave a walkthrough of Metaranx to let people know what AI does and how it can help people.

Sam’s message for the NoCode Community is, this product is useful for the people who find it useful. It interests her because people from NoCode are early-stage users excited to try these new tools. Before launching this platform, she expressed that it was difficult for them to figure out and time-consuming. At the same time, it excites her to build a product for the community to help and give solutions to their problems. NoCoders, your feedback is appreciated for the founders to understand if this tool is useful or not. 

Currently, they are sending emails, gathering information, and feedback for the startup process. In releasing its beta, they are working with a few people that discussed feedback. It is important for an early-stage for us to understand what's causing the drop out of the confusion. By the end of July, the founders want everyone to use Metaranx Beta. The founders expect to launch this year but, depending on the iterations. Both of them are still deciding whether for higher people or not. They choose the organic market because they can do both product and marketing. As of now, they are not hiring people since everyone is working remotely. It is something in the future to look forward to because they have job opportunities in mind.

Artificial Intelligence is a popular subject and widely discussed in the technology and business circles. The technology is in its initial phase, but more companies are investing resources in machine learning, indicating a robust growth in AI products and apps soon.

As of January 2021, Metaranx now is a platform that gives you an easy way to find and discover your local businesses that have Shopify stores. They are starting with Toronto businesses but plan to expand as a shopping local. Learn more here.

Aug 10, 2020

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