Behind every creative website or apps are multi-talented programmers who can put all your thoughts into picture. Creating an application is indeed for professionals since it needs background knowledge to make one. However, now the wheel is turned upside down because everyone can now be a programmer even without the knowledge and experience of being one.

Here is the moment NoCode platforms come into picture. Now, you no longer need to know something about programming in order to build complex stuff. AppGyver, is the world's first professional no-code platform that enables you to build apps not just for your desktop screens but for all form factors, including mobile, browser, television, and others. AppGyver is designed to make you may look like an actual programmer, without coding. As what AppGyver tagline says, “you will never go back to coding. Seriously.”


AppGyver can let you build quality apps without compromise. It does offer Pixel perfect design that won’t compromise your design implementation since every style property you can think of are present. It has an easy drag and drop style for an easy control. Aside from that, it also has native performance, wherein Composer pro produced a highly optimized react native apps that gives access to all native device capabilities. It also offers Unlimited logic by visually combining the hundreds of logic function they’ve built.

AppGyver can extend over 500 components or core building blocks for all aspects of the app. Composing new components will never be a hindrance. It does provide a large library of user interface components that you can easily mix and match. This is the power of theme engine. Lastly, it offers REST integration wizard so you can integrate any modem API in minutes. AppGyver have created a market place for four plugins which you can develop those plugins that support certain API's and SDK's. It can directly put in so it's kind of an open source plugin.

Aside from all these things mentioned, you can build your apps through any platform such as in mobile, television, desktop, browser, and anything of your choice. It is easy to navigate because of its drag-and-drop user interface, it provides all logic function you can think of, it has a database you can play with, and it has over400 formula functions, the most powerful algorithm editor you’ve seen.


To fully experience AppGyver offers, you have to pay absolutely NOTHING. Yes, you’ve read it right. AppGyver’s Composer Pro is free for life for indie developers and organizations with less than $10 million dollar in revenue or funding. The100% free plan this website offers includes publishing your app to app stores or web. They can also help you with more than just publishing, they can host your site on their CDN if you wish. The hobby database, unlimited usage of third backends for production apps, building non-commercial and commercial apps are all for FREE.

It has been their tradition, together with Composer Pro, to build a global community of visual programmers. But in order to achieve it, everybody needs to have access to the same platform. The free plans are only for smaller organizations and indie developers, they have large enterprises as their paying customers.


The documentation button of the website will lead you to the To-do app tutorial, movie review app tutorial video, quick on boarding videos, bug report and feature requests, forums and feedbacks. Overall, everything is spoon-fed, all you have to do is read and explore.

They also pinned in new updates regarding their website. News like new power-up on grid/table layout, power-up on debugging and variables, AppGyver Academy, Tutorial on input validation, and guest tutorials. Aside from these, you can also export it into a pdf so you can carry around your own copy. A certain button for community helps you engage with the people.

That is AppGyver. Say goodbye to hybrid web apps and welcome to the 5-star app experience. It offers so much what the website can get. A tradition that makes you work like a programmer. It feels like cheating, but it is the new standard. You'll never go back to writing code for your views again.



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Sep 28, 2020

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