The ability to pilot tools within the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Language (ML) arenas using NoCode open up a lot of horizons for makers as well as enterprise teams. We at NoCode Journal are by no means experts within this space. But we have engaged with some of the tools mentioned below. As we delve deeper into this world, we will keep updating this article.


Obviously.ai is helping make data science effortless for everyone. They believe that making data science effortless represents our most significant opportunity to empower the lives of everyday business users. Obviously.AI integrates with your workflow and connects to your favorite data sources in seconds with military-grade security. Currently, they support CSV, MySQL, PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Redshift, Salesforce, and Hubspot.

C3 AI Suite

C3.ai is a leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation. The proven C3 AI Suite provides comprehensive services to build enterprise-scale AI applications more efficiently and cost-effectively than alternative approaches. C3 Integrated Development Studio (IDS)‚Äö a low-code/no-code environment for developing‚Äö deploying‚Äö and operating enterprise AI applications. IDS provides data ingestion‚Äö data modeling‚Äö machine-learning feature engineering and model lifecycle management‚Äö and a metadata-driven UI development tool. The hybrid‚Äö multi-cloud distributed architecture of C3 IDS enables secure‚Äö highly available‚Äö and rapidly-scalable application development.


RapidMiner gets in artificial intelligence to the enterprise through an open and extensible data science platform.  RapidMiner is built for analytics teams and unifies the entire data science lifecycle from data prep to machine learning to predictive model deployment. RapidMiner Studio is a workflow designer for the whole of the analytics team, which speeds up and automates the creation of predictive models in a drag + drop visual interface with a rich library of 1500+ algorithms and functions ensuring the best model for any use case. Pre-built templates for everyday use cases including customer churn, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, and many more "Wisdom of Crowds" provide proactive recommendations at every step to help beginners

Create ML with Apple

Create ML by Apple, the new, user-friendly app allows you to build, train, and deploy ML models with zero ML expertise needed. The product lets you view model creation workflows in real-time. You can even train existing models available from Apple with your custom data. There is no additional need for a dedicated server to be setup. You can build models for object detection, activity and sound classification, and providing recommendations. A user can train multiple models, all using different datasets simultaneously. You can test your models before deployment in production with evaluation support that's unique to each training task.

Teachable Machine by Google

'Teachable Machine 2.0' by Google is a browser-based system that records from the user's computer's webcam and microphone. You can click the 'train' button (no coding required), and it can recognize images, sounds, or poses. The swiftness enables the user to quickly and easily create their custom machine learning models, which they can download and use on their device or upload and host online. One of the key points that Google wants to emphasize is that the no-code, click-of-a-button aspect of this machine learning model.  This machine learning generator can instill confidence in young users to use advanced computer technology creatively without coding experience.  Google mentions on its blog that it is focussed on parents of girls as girls face challenges in becoming interested in and finding available jobs in computer science.

Accelrite Shareinsights

Using AWS Analytics Simplified with ShareInsights, we can experience the power of a NoCode tool that can unify and optimize AWS analytics. A user can design ETL pipelines without programming, use cloud-native technologies, and create interactive dashboards in a matter of minutes. NoCode Analytics for AWS data has a simple drag and drop interface that utilizes AWS analytics services. Accelrite Shareinsights is a complete data analytics platform for data on S3 or Redshift and also can optimize across Glue, Athena, EMR, Sagemaker, and Redshift Spectrum. Integrated big-data visualization and using automated service selection. You can also create cost forecasting, and cost management for AWS serverless services. Data lake visual explorer, end-to-end data preparation, OLAP and machine learning as a single integrated process, Support for more than 60 algorithms using R and Spark ML

May 19, 2020

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