f you have not spent the past few years buried in GitHub, I am sure you have heard about NoCode and have been curious about the movement and the players in it. You may have seen tweets, played around with some of the tools in the space, and in general, have a fleeting knowledge. If you ever think of going deeper into this space and understand more, where do you go? Of course, the first place you come to is NoCode Journal, but over and beyond that there are many community-related efforts which you need to be aware of
These community efforts take the shape of communities to learn, websites where you can collaborate, learn about the new tools coming out, or find what else your peers are doing. We have listed a few of the communities which we have helped our growth. I am sure there are many more and happy to add to the list if you have any other NoCode portals that you either run or have a membership off.
The below listing is no specific order just the ones we have engaged and known for some time here in the NoCode space.

NoCode Tech

NoCode Tech is a curated resource that helps you discover the tools used by entrepreneurs and makers around the world to create the product they need - without coding. NoCode Tech has a community feature that allows the participants to contribute and collaborate to the NoCode conversation. NoCode Tech is built using Memberstack and Webflow. It will enable NoCode makers to showcase what they have built and get feedback from the rest of the community. It also has a list feature that lists all the NoCode tools categorized under separate sections of App Builders, Design Tools, Website Generators, and many more. It has a separate Member-only area that lists discounts for various NoCode Tools as well as other tools that a NoCode Maker might use in their business. It also has a listing of NoCode Articles to increase your knowledge on various topics of being a successful NoCode maker. 

NoCode Founders

The NoCode Founders is a NoCode Slack Community created and managed by Joshua Tiernan (JT). They have used Carrd to build their website, one of the widely used NoCode tools for making single page websites. It is the place to be whether you're already running a NoCode business or want to get started, and you'll be joining a fast-growing community of passionate founders. NoCode Founders Slack Community helps members solve common problems, answer questions, cheering on as members ship new products and updates, celebrate wins, support one another's launching, and collaborate on more significant projects. As of now, they 1200 and counting active members on this Slack community with more than 20K conversations and an very engaged member base.
NoCode Founders Slack Community also has an exciting Perk Channel where JT posts the perk for the week, and I have discovered some good perks which we at NoCode Journal has used in running our business.


NuCode is a pure NoCode builder community created by Joe Brown and Alan Podemski, which has more than 1360 NoCode makers building NoCode courses, templates, products, and tools. The makers believe that the majority of people still think you need a developer to build anything digital, which for 99% of products nowadays, you don't. They aim to empower makers and non-technical teams to develop products or features without coding, and technology teams get to spend their time building unique, innovative products & features that need code to generate.
One of the best parts about the community is that they gave importance to tutorials so people can become productive quickly and create their next project. The website uses Bubble, another NoCode tool that is growing exponentially in the market right now. Nucode is the best community for finding new NoCode tools.


Last but not least is the largest NoCode Community Makerpad, which bills itself as the community to learn the easiest way to build tools without code and explore the best NoCode tools.
According to Ben Tossell, the creator of Makerpad, the concept is to teach anyone and everyone how to build in minutes and validate with real paying customers. Their workshops and sessions are just 30-60-minute long where makers create and build new products and explore new rools. Makerpad will also help a new maker figure out how to create what they want and be flexible around their schedule and skills. Makerpad is built using Memberstack and Webflow
The good thing about this community is there is a free option, but the best value you get is as paid members. For individuals, it is 29 USD per month, and for businesses, it is 199 USD per month.

Apr 24, 2020

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