oCode Journal's objective is to gain awareness of the NoCode and LowCode Platforms. NoCode is the newly discovered industry in the tech industry by many. As most of the people adopt to the ‚ÄĚnew‚ÄĚ normal many businesses shifted into digital. With the advance of technology you can learn everything online. If you are one of those people who wants to create a website but don‚Äôt know how to use these tools, these are some courses you can check out to learn more about NoCode.

  1. Nocodify by Tal Botnar

Learn to build an app for your business or personal learning to NoCode. 

Soon you will be able to enroll your team members and become a developer. The offered course for personal will have a 1-on-1 session with an expert. The courses include the use of NoCode Platform for businesses, and building your own landing page. You will be able to validate your product and generate presales, and build Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Enrolling with NoCodify can be a developer and start your business. 

  1. Makerpad by Ben Tossell

Ben developed a resource to educate businesses and entrepreneurs on how to build and scale with no code. Currently, Makerpad is one of the many NoCode resources in the community. In an interview from Webflow, ‚ÄúBeing a maker means you are curious and tinker with tools to create something, no matter what the hurdles may be. The best makers find their way around obstacles. Most of the time I aim for 80% done. Which means I ask myself: can I build the 80% version of my idea without code, using the tools I know or can learn in minutes and hours, vs days and weeks?‚ÄĚ Ben explained what ‚Äúmaker‚ÄĚ means.¬† Makerpad provides resources such as

  1. Tutorials and Components on each various NoCode tools.
  2. Bootcamps from learning the basic upto launching your product
  3. Join exciting challenges and submit your project
  4. Hear inspiring stories from the NoCode experts 

You can choose from the category of Web and Mobile development app, Automation, Email Marketing, Marketplace, and more. 

  1. Visual Dev School by Lacey Kesler, Matt Varughese , and Ben Parker 

Visual Dev School intends to teach NoCoders to build whether a website, mobile app or web app. The vision of shaping the future of non-programmers, you’ll be taught how to build a full framework of building successful NoCode. Confidently launch your project using any NoCode tool or platform. The instructors are Lacey Kesler, who is passionate for NoCode, and teaching and she works for US clients to help them build solutions from websites to mobile apps. Matt Varughese is an expert on developing SaaS tools to build production-ready NoCode apps for brands like Chance the Rapper. Mat is also the founder of Websterpeace. It is an agency that helps prominent brands and artists with web design, development, and e-commerce operations. And Ben Parker, since 2001 he works with code, building for the Web and WordPress themes. 

  1. Zeroqode by Levon

Zeroqode Course is one of the great sources for anyone to learn how to build web and mobile apps without code. Have you always wanted to build a startup but didn't have any technical background? They provide curated resources for building your startup. It offers hacks, template tutorials, and builds specific components using the NoCode tool of your choice. 

  1. Nucode by Joe Brown and Alan Podemski

Join more than 2, 840 makers and experts building products with NoCode tools. You can choose between different tools such as Bravo Studio, Bubble, Carrd, Glide, Webflow and many more. There are video tutorials for NoCode lessons. It is easier to understand since it discusses thoroughly on the video.

  1. HelloGuru by Felipe Abello

The idea of HelloGuru was launched after Felipe worked in Latin American Unicorn, Rappi and figured out non-technical solutions for his colleague. He understood the future was NoCode and, if he could improve his coworkers lives with NoCode tools, perhaps he could also do that at a larger scale. The first course was launched in March and it focuses on step-by-step and written methodology. No-Code University is for non-technical people to build software development in days. They have dozens of recommendable tools for landing pages, making a mobile app, or creating a CMS for your company. Exploring the NoCode tools while learning with HelloGuru you can build your product to look as sharp and as professional. Another advantage of HelloGuru is you have the option to choose schedules to learn online and practice. The available course now is about Web Development, it has 15 hours course content, NoCode Certification and learn how to create simple to complex websites with the use of No-Code tools, such as Bubble and Webflow.  HelloGuru charges 15USD. Available languages are English and Spanish in an effort to decentralize knowledge and software creation. Next courses to launch are mobile apps, bots, and AI. Get your 50% off on HelloGuru's Bubble Certificate course! Use journalguru for the discount code.

  1. No-Code MVP by Bram Kanstein

No-Code MVP’s course is for anyone who's looking for a hands-on and pragmatic approach to validate new ideas. The courses they offer are for the Startup Entrepreneurs, small business owners, Product Managers, Marketers, and their teams, Corporate Innovators & Intrapreneurs, students, or a developer. It aims to learn the mind set, process and tools to turn your ideas into products. The course includes:

  1. introduction to 9 easy to learn NoCode tools
  2. step-by-step building guides for 6 real-life No-Code MVP's
  3. actionable and personal feedback on your idea
  4. 5.5 hours of curated and practical knowledge
  5. 42 proactive, easy-to-digest 5-20 minute videos
  6. $500+ worth of software deals to start your journey

You can access all the content, digital and printable worksheets, a reading list and assignments to apply your new skills. After taking these courses, immediately test the product you built with the real customers without learning how to code. The courses will boost your idea validation skills with a practical framework to build Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). 

These listed resources for NoCode are accessible by everyone online. Anyone can learn and build instantly.¬† ‚ÄúLearning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.‚ÄĚ John Holt, an American writer and educationalist.

Jul 27, 2020

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