he first meet up in Austin, Texas happened last February 20, 2020. The host of the event was teamed up by Nucode and Bildr. The agenda was to explore the no-code movement and its potential to help entrepreneurs and product teams launch and/or improve their products and businesses.

The introduction was led by Cora Meave from Bildr. She welcomed the builders and makers of all types to find inspiration, resources and gain new friends in the no-code community. The Nocode Landscape was presented by Drew Thomas, who runs the No Code List. Drew shared businesses such as Makerpad, from its first year earned $250,000 and that its solo founder doesn't code . According to him there are 150 and counting NoCode tools with 40 categories (like API, Admins, Apps, Chats, Email, Games, Maps and a lot more) while 80 and counting tools waiting to be vetted. 

Types of NoCode are:

·      Development does building websites,mobile apps,podcasts, memberships, payments, subscription, ecommerce and Marketplaces. 

·      Marketing these are funnels, automation, email softwares, landing pages, forms and chatbots.

·      While operating, workflows, automation,messaging, dashboards, CRMs and other data. 

Drew recommended tools that you should try to begin to use are, Webflow (for designing and coding websites), Carrd ( quick site), Zapier, Integromat, or Parabola (for integrating data), Sharetribe  (marketplace idea), Airtable (organizing and presenting data), Coda (spreadsheets), Bubble or Buildr (to build a mobile app) and to make an Alexa skill, use Voiceflow.

Second speaker was Dan Meehan, the VP of SAS product Qcue, Inc and Everfest. He shared his thoughts about learning No Code and the website builder, Webflow, ‚ÄúWow! I felt really empowered that I can actually do this stuff so I tore down my old terrible website and put up a new one on my own again using Webflow.‚ÄĚ From being a HTML coder learning the difference of no code, When you wanted to do something and needed to be done quickly, he was inspired to use a no code tool for his wife‚Äôs website. ‚ÄúIt was a perfect website builder that fits me. It gives you a lot of creative control and comes with templates that you could also use.‚ÄĚ Dan was know for the blog post he made, Why I Stopped Coding and Started Developing, undefined

The last speaker, Tim, a commercial banker by trade. He gave his thoughts about no code, ‚ÄúI‚Äôve seen the power of no code to solve a problem that any other company would have demanded 3 years, 40 million dollars, hundreds of people but having 3 people and solving the problem in 60 days, this stuff is pretty real to me. No code, lots of code, get it done fast and don‚Äôt cost, I only know that no code is the only thing that could have solved that complex in my book.‚ÄĚ With his limited knowledge about no code yet the impact of how it works that is something that we should explore because it also has a lot of benefits.¬†

From these speakers, it is evident that NoCode is really an interesting opportunity now as well as in the coming years. Each day there are a new NoCode tools, forums and tutorials being created and discovered. The discussion during the event were a good indication of how NoCode has made a dent into the Maker and Entrepreneur lexicon. According to Mark Magnuson, ‚ÄúWe want nocode to be a big thing in Austin, the environment is really good for it here.‚ÄĚ

Here’s the full video of the event: https://t.co/k1SEK791Cb?amp=1 

Mar 12, 2020

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