ast March 13, 2020, the organizers of community of NoCode San Francisco came up with a Virtual Meetup instead due to concerns about the COVID-19. As well as for security and to keep our community healthy. This meetup aims to enlighten and share insights from the marketing and design leaders as they share how they use Webflow to build, launch, and grow faster. The speakers were: 

Jason Stevens, Head of Web and Creative at OmniSci shared how his profession transitioned into design then he discovered Webflow. He stated that through the NoCode tool, Webflow, he was able to learn the basics of HTML and CSS and some other advanced stuff. With the tool he discovered he was able to build it in just four weeks, and it turned out successfully. 

Alex Kracov, Vice President of Marketing at Lattice mentioned that Lattice is for an HR software company and they make like performance management employee engagement software. They were able to also create a community for HR people using Webflow and reach the audience through the newsletter landing page and Slack community. 

As part of the product design team, Ariel Norling, the Product Designer at Webflow shared what are the advantages of Webflow for design to marketing. 

Webflow makes the powerful workflow and allows you to save more money and time. Check out their full stories here: https://webflow.zoom.us/rec/play/upcoJbqgrzo3HtLBtwSDU6dxW9W_LK6s1SdPrqVZzBrjByJSMVf1ZrMbMOuKyioet5MKrjTuqZd-ZJYw?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=bBptJeQsRuquYTbVFMl_YA.1585048430515.1bee1632bc7c2589220412f13f476c99&_x_zm_rhtaid=137

Mar 23, 2020

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